Thursday, December 3, 2015


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Lets dispel the MYTH and URBAN LEGEND, that real estate only sells in Spring or Summer!

If any of our readers knows of someone who is interested in selling their large ranch or land anywhere in the state of Oklahoma, whether 100 acres or more, and 500+ acres, now is the time!  We literally have a list of Customers who are looking for large land or ranches to purchase.  We have sold our inventory ot 500+ acres, and need more land to sell!   

If you're one of our readers, then you'll know that we know ranch and land, and we go the extra mile to list and sell our properties.  

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For most of the horse sports, from showing saddle horses to racing, this is the end of the season. A time for trainers and riders to assess the previous years accomplishments and make new year goals for the 2016 show or race season.

Now is the time to relocate your horses to a new facility, if you're ready to either upgrade or even downsize or further specialize.  Horse folk might even be relocating their horses or operation to be closer to a trainer, a sports area, or if you race, to get in on the Oklahoma Bred race money!!!!

It's often difficult to find a genuine horse property.  I've gone to show "horse" properties of other real estate agents, and my customer's and I are surprised to see a beat up loafing shed, instead of the promised real horse stalls!   

Often, when told there is a riding arena on a property, there is a small fenced area, no footing, just weeds, uneven footing, no room to canter!  Automatic waterer is often a cattle tank attached to a garden hose, and a covered arena is a pole barn with poles in the middle!  

I'm sure every horse person looking for a suitable horse property has seen those examples and more!   Below, we have a legitimate horse facility for sale, and even the house for the people is great, and move-in ready, a real find:

Mare Motel, 63x33 6 Priefert stalls with sand and automatic waterers, climate controlled with 2 CH&A units, skylights & florescent lighting over each stall, 13 ft wide center breezeway, cameras. Metal construction on cement pad with large awnings creating covered outside work space including all purpose side-by-side chute, hot and cold water every convenience! Plus, large lab and tack room with tongue and groove wood.

*Stable, 40x62 6 stalls 13.6x12.6 each with exterior doors that turnout into grass paddocks. Automatic water and sand in all stalls, cement breezeway. Large tack room, and covered wash rack.

*Newer metal foaling barn, 18x18. Insulated, electric, lights and camera.

*Horse Walker with reverse and quick release. Set on sturdy base.

*2 metal workshop/equipment buildings, both on concrete pads with extended awnings for covered outside work areas. 2 oversize roll-up doors, electric and lights. One building has efficiency room with shower and toilet -- This area once used as a kennel.

--Workshop one: 40x60, 3 oversized roll-up doors

--Workshop two: 30x50, 2 oversized roll-up doors

*Hay barn, 30x50. 3-sided for easy access and storage, water. Owners are removing stalls currently in hay barn.

*Riding Arena with return, 120x200. Lighted and adjacent to stable.

*Miles of pipe and horse proof fencing.

*8 grass paddocks and 3 Bermuda grass pastures. Automatic water systems to all paddocks and pastures. Newest paddock by riding arena has return.

Custom Home: Victorian Showplace features appx. 3000 sq ft of living space and was built in 1990.  For more details and photos:   

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO SCOUTING!!! Its what we do when we list a new property

Sometimes, a definition is helpful when you're explaining
ATV or All terrain vehicles:  Merriam-Webster defines them as "a small open vehicle with three or four large wheels that is used to drive over very rough ground.Fair enough, but "rough ground" needs a definition of its own!  Of course, that is a very subjective term.  Rough ground to some means that there are unwelcome weeds in a manicured turf.  Could mean gopher holes and uneven ground, rocky ground or unmaintained mountain trail.  You probably have in your mind what "rough ground" means to you!

But when we're exploring a new hunting and recreational property in SE Oklahoma, it can mean driving our atv, 4-wheelers, or horses through "rough ground" meanings which include all of the above, plus overgrown trails, saplings that have taken over a once brushhogged path, a game trail, or any opening that it looks like you can plow through, just so you can know what the heck you're going to be marketing and showing to customers!!!

Its a rough job Scouting out new listed properties, but someone has to do it so we can safely take our customers out and let them see what's for sale and have a great time.

Sometimes, Mother Nature takes over our Scouting expedition, and when she does, its usually very humbling! 

And this time, it included tumbling the atv! A stray sapling caught the back wheel, and tossed the vehicle on its side. Since Chuck was driving slowly, he was able to just step off as the vehicle got unbalanced, and he survived unscathed and not even a bruise! A picture of scouting is worth a thousand words -and some words which aren't best seen in print!

It took a heavy jack and some straps/ratchets to get 'er upside, and then victoriously, Chuck, Valerie and I were off again to explore the beautiful 280 acres of a secluded hunting sanctuary.  We dubbed it the Oklahoma Tetons, since the property includes two peaks, where the really big bucks hang out! Since we've already got this one scouted and scoped out, if you'll looking for a large hunting ground, you'll want to see this for yourself.

So the next time you meet up with Chuck or Valerie for your tour of one of our listed properties, just know that the hard work has been done before you show up!!!          GOOD WORK Chuck and Val!!!
 For full information on this property click this link: