Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Be prepared!

Chuck and I have been out snapping photos of property he just listed, and the question What's in your saddle bag? popped into my mind.  Notice I didn't say what's in your man purse? Clearly Chuck carries around small leather saddle bags for a reason!  Nosing around when he left them on the trailer by my water bucket, naturally I was curious.   Let's see, a compass, pocket knife, handkerchief, camera, what???? Baby wipes?  Kleenex,  tape measurer, something for bug bites, lip balm, a monacle! Random bandaids, leather strings, snacks - wrapped unfortunately, bug spray, & sunscreen.  That's a lot of stuff - more than what's in Grandma's purse!  I guess if his cell phone or gps give out, that compass will come in handy, or he can just let me take him back...... I always know where the trailer is!   Happy Trails,  Traveler

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oklahoma Hunting Ranch/Recreational land for Sale

Offered at:                 $288,000    240 Acres

Hunting property or secluded getaway. Fantastic Oklahoma recreational land, it is mostly forested with lots & lots of big beautiful mature trees. This is simply a beautiful place.

There are lots of open grassy meadows & clearings for food plots scattered around the property. The soil here in the valley is very rich loamy type, very deep and obviously, it will grow anything!

Property is very secluded and surrounded by a huge ranch on 3 sides. There is plenty of water for livestock & game with several wet weather creeks than run through the property. The creeks have numerous pools that hold water even when not running. There are at least 2 year round springs and 2 ponds also.

The list of game is endless. Deer and turkey are abundant. We saw at least 20 deer while simply touring the property.

"Made in the Shade" Traveler's tells this quote's true meaning!

Hello Fellow Travelers!  Chuck & I are busy this July showing land and ranches, and we have it made in the Shade.  We don't want any of our friends to get heat stress when we're out in the  dog days of summer.  One of the best ways to stay cool is to wear a hat that shades your ears, face, temples and the back of your neck from the sun. These come in many styles, wide-brimmed hats, pith helmets, and straw hats and Cowboy hats!!  Light colored and breathable hats work best.  Although ball caps shade your face, they leave a lot exposed. 

Before the invention of the cowboy hat, cowpunchers of the plains wore castoffs of previous lives. Everything from formal top hats and derbies to leftover remnants of civil War headgear. Tams and sailor hats were even often worn by men moving westward. (http://www.hitching-post.net/history2.php)

The concept of a broad-brimmed hat with a high crown worn by a rider on horseback came primarily from the tradition of the Mexican vaquero. However, the cowboy hat is a by-product of many designs, including Mexican hats such as the sombrero, and various designs of wide-brimmed hats worn by farmers and plantation workers, as well as the design used by the U.S. Cavalry. The shape of a cowboy hat once depended very much on the region from which it originated. At one time a person could tell where a cowboy was from just by the crease in his hat! (http://www.hitching-post.net/history2.php)
In the early days, the cowboy hat was valued for being functional, with the wide brim protecting working cowboys from the sun and rain. It could be used to signal others, fan a campfire, or pull water out of a stream for man or horse.  (http://www.hitching-post.net/history2.php)  If you don't own a hat - just let Chuck know- he'll bring you an extra!

Above all - drink lots of water!  Happy Trails, Chuck's Traveler 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ranches near the RED RIVER!

LARGE RANCH JUST DIVIDED INTO SMALLER RANCHES!!!!  Near the Red River, the 930 acre Ranch is now more affordable.  Buy 560 acres, 480 acres, 320 acres, or 240 acres or any combination you wish.  There is a newer ranch house available too.
The land is good pasture, with a mix of Bermuda, Bahia, and native grasses. Brown creek, which is seasonal, runs through part of it.  Call for your own private tour and get your pick first!  Chuck & Traveler

Traveler on the Fourth of July!

Now we know!  The first time fireworks were used to celebrate July 4th was on July 8th, 1776. According to History.com, some of the fireworks used may have been used mockingly, because in England fireworks were used as a birthday celebration for the kings and queens. Firing the fireworks to celebrate the separation of the colonies from England was to some the celebration of the "death" of the king's power over them.

Read more: How Did Fireworks Become a 4th of July Tradition? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6393338_did-become-4th-july-tradition_.html#ixzz1zNlPO4iJ